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Abolition Ale Joins Abolition Road
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Erie Canal Brewing on Peterboro Street in Canastota responded to a request from Joe DiGiorgio, President of the Canastota Canal Town Museum, and Roseanne Warner, Mayor of the Village of Canastota, to brew something special for the Abolition Walk. Situated at the beginning of the Abolition Road to Peterboro, the brew business has created a craft beer named 1835 Abolition Ale. The Classic Lite N' E Zee Thirst Quenching Pale Ale is available at the Canastota taproom and at Seneca Street Brew Pub in Manlius. 


Canastota and Abolition Road

  1. Underground Railroad Routes: Canastota, strategically located between Syracuse and Utica, was a significant stop on the Underground Railroad.  The Gerrit Smith Estate in nearby Peterboro served as a refuge for escaped slaves seeking freedom on their way to Canada. 

  2. Abolitionist Conventions: The town hosted several abolitionist conventions during the mid-19th century.

  3. Anti-Slavery Publications: Canastota residents published anti-slavery newspapers and pamphlets that spread awareness about the horrors of slavery and advocated for its abolition

Erie Canal

Abolition freedom Walk 2022

gathering halfway in Clockville, NY

The 2022 Inaugural ABOLITION WALK

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