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Abolition Walk 2023
Saturday, October 21

Early Bird Registrations at a Discount!

We've been seeing our registrations come in...and it's exciting! We have an Early Bird discount, so register soon!  If you need a scholarship, please send us an email at

Why Canastota?

Canastota, NY, has a rich history intertwined with the abolitionist movement. In the 19th century, the town played a pivotal role in the fight against slavery. Local residents, fueled by a strong sense of justice and equality, actively participated in the Underground Railroad, providing shelter and assistance to enslaved individuals seeking freedom. Canastota's strategic location along the Erie Canal made it a vital hub for abolitionists, facilitating the safe passage of escaped slaves to Canada and other destinations. The town's commitment to the abolitionist cause and its efforts to dismantle the institution of slavery left an indelible mark on its history, reflecting the enduring legacy of social justice and equality.
Erie Canal

Abolition freedom Walk 2022

gathering halfway in Clockville, NY


History Underfoot

SU Women's Basketball Coach to lead Abolition Walk '22

Central New York athletic legend, Felisha Legette-Jack, who recently returned to her hometown of Syracuse as head coach of Syracuse University's women's basketball team, will come to Canastota on the morning of October 23rd with members of her team to kick off the Abolition Freedom Walk. 


After leading her Nottingham women's basketball team to two state championships, Legette graduated as SU's all time leading scorer and rebounder. A fierce competitor, her career includes decades of successful coaching experience and reflects an intense commitment to the well-being of student athletes and communities. 

Felisha Legette-Jack
Abolition Ale Joins Abolition Road
Erie Canal Brewing logo

Erie Canal Brewing on Peterboro Street in Canastota responded to a request from Joe DiGiorgio, President of the Canastota Canal Town Museum, and Roseanne Warner, Mayor of the Village of Canastota, to brew something special for the Abolitionist Freedom Walk, October 23, 2022. Situated at the beginning of the Abolition Road to Peterboro, the brew business has created a new craft beer named 1835 Abolition Ale. The Classic Lite N' E Zee Thirst Quenching Pale Ale is available at the Canastota taproom and at Seneca Street Brew Pub in Manlius. Erie Canal Brewing arranged with Center Street Market to have sandwiches and snacks available at the taproom on October 23.

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